Shimose A&R Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “we”) recognize the importance of information identifying the individual customers who use our services (hereinafter referred to as “P.I.”), and are working to protect privacy. This page is to explain our basic policy on handling personal information. We may use your P.I. provided to us for sending information on sales by mail and e-mail, such as our events and introductions to our new products. In addition, we will use your P.I. as valuable opinions for future business operations, service improvement, and other marketing activities. Your P.I. shall be strictly managed in accordance with laws and regulations and our internal rules.

[1] Observance of relevant laws and guidelines, etc.
We will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003; hereinafter referred to as the “APPI”) and related laws, regulations, and guidelines concerning the handling of P.I.
[2] Acquiring P.I.
When acquiring P.I., we will clarify the purpose of the use and will acquire it to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose and by legal and fair means.
[3] Purpose of usage of P.I.
The P.I. received from customers on our web site is subject to APPI and related laws and regulations, and based on your consent or other legal grounds, shall use only in the following cases and shall not be subject to any use other than for the purposes for which the customer has provided the P.I.
1. For reservation and accommodation management
2. For various arrangements, such as sending materials, sending products such as gift cards, and responding to inquiries
3. To send information about events and accommodation plans
4. For mail, telephone, e-mail or sales visit activities, after-sales service and marketing activities (e.g. questionnaire requests)
5. When analyzing websites, services, and product improvements, we will use them as statistical data, excluding P.I.
6. For the provision of membership services by membership organizations
7. To provide services to customers at our facilities
8. In the event that we consider it necessary to contact customers
9. For the exercise of rights or performance of obligations under laws and regulations
10. In order to deal with our other incidental and related matters related to our operations
[4] Provision of P.I. to third parties
We will not provide P.I. to any third party unless:
1. Upon obtaining prior consent from the data subject
2. Cases based on laws and regulations
3. When it is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
4. Cases in which it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of the sound upbringing of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person in question
5. Cases in which it is necessary to cooperate with a state agency or local public entity, or a person entrusted by it, in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and in which obtaining the consent of the person in question is likely to interfere with the execution of the affairs
6. Other cases where provision is permitted under the P.I. Protection Act and related laws and regulations.
7. Associate company (including potential associate company), advertisers, and other third parties to disclose customer statistical information when explaining our services and for other legitimate purposes (provided, however, that statistical information does not include information identifiable to each customer)
[5] Joint use of P.I.
We may jointly use P.I. with Group companies and Shimose Art Museum Foundation in the following ways:
1. P.I. subject to joint use
・Name, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address, workplace, gender, transaction details, etc.
2. Extent of joint use
・Group companies of the Company, and Shimose Art Museum Foundation
3. Purposes of use
・To fulfill a contract with the person
・To provide products and services offered by the Company and Group companies
・To share information and conduct surveys etc. about the products and services offered by the Company and Group companies
・To notify the relevant company when the individual concerned has an inquiry or applies to use the products and services offered by the Company and Group companies
・To manage information of customers of the Company and Group companies
・To perform other tasks that are incidental to or related to the items above
4. Entity responsible for the management of personal information at the Company
Shimose Art Museum Foundation
[6] Matters concerning safety management measures
We will establish and comply with appropriate internal systems and internal rules for the proper management of P.I. including the prevention of leaks, losses, or damage to P.I.
[7] Storage period of P.I
In the event that the storage period stipulated by law has expired or if use is no longer necessary for the achievement of the use objectives described in [3], we will delete the relevant P.I. without delay.
[8] Management of subcontractors handling P.I.
We may provide the customer with the P.I. to the extent necessary to achieve the pupose of usage of P.I. In this case, we will properly supervise the subcontractor in order to maintain confidentiality.
When we outsource the processing of P.I., we will obligate such subcontractor by contract to ensure that no leakage or re-provision is made, and we will implement appropriate management.
[9] Inquiries regarding disclosures, corrections, suspension of use, handling of complaints, objections, withdrawal of consent, etc. of retained personal data
If you wish to disclose, correct, suspend use, or handle complaints about your personal data in our possession, we will promptly respond to the request as soon as reasonably possible if you will send the documents required for the application listed in the following A to the inquiry desk of the following B.
<A. Documents required for application>>
a. Document specifying the address, name, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address and the purpose of the application
b. Documents confirming the identity of the individual (copies of driver’s licenses, passports, or health insurance certificates, etc.)
c. Postal stamp for the fees (Please contact our P.I. iquiry desk for the fee amount)
<B. P.I. Inquiry Desk> Shimose A&R Co., Ltd
Address: 2-10-50 Harumi, Otake, Hiroshima, Japan, 739-0622
Telephone Number: +81 827-79-0101
Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
* After confirming your identity, we will investigate the retained personal data, take necessary measures, and mail the results to you as a response.
* The P.I. obtained in connection with the request for disclosure, etc. shall use only to the extent required for the request for disclosure, etc.  Documents sent by mail will be received and stored for an appropriate period of time and discarded.
* In the event of any of the following reasons, we will not disclose the information. In the event we decide not to disclose information, we will notify the reason thereof.
(i) Cases where we cannot confirm your identification
(ii) Cases where no fees were paid
(iii) Cases not applicable to a disclosure request, etc.
(iv) Cases where there is a risk of harming the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of the person or a third party
(v) Cases where there is a risk of causing a significant hindrance to the proper implementation of our operation
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[11] Continuous improvement of protection policies and internal rules
We will continue to maintain and improve our efforts and protection activities in each of the above sections.