A day to stir the senses.

SIMOSE is a garden of art by the sea.
Art, craftsmanship, architecture, cuisine, nature̶
fresh experiences arouse the senses,
stimulate the mind, and expand the imagination.
Enjoy the pleasure of a day
like a breeze that courses through you.

Admire art, inside art.

Enjoy collections of endearing Japanese dolls and Art Noveau glass works. Appreciate modern masters Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, and Kaii Higashiyama, and gaze upon the Setouchi seascape from the rooftop. Everything you see and encounter stimulates the senses, from Shigeru Ban’s concept of movable exhibition rooms inspired by the islands of Setouchi, to the garden filled with plants beloved by French artist Emile Gallé.

Stay in iconic architecture by the sea.

Eye-opening spaces, unforeseen landscapes, the allure of novel architecture—surprises of all kinds await you. Shigeru Ban’s ten distinctive villas promise refreshment where the sea and the sky meet. The restaurant serves French cuisine made with local ingredients, while strolls through the gardens and museum complete your stay at Simose Art Garden Villa.

Discover local flavors and
the joy of dining.

Watch the ever-changing sea and sky of Setouchi and our chefs carefully preparing each dish in the open kitchen at our French restaurant. The cuisine is supervised by Takahiko Ozawa of the beloved French restaurant Ozawa in Shirokanedai, Tokyo. Savor a meal to discover local delicacies and the joy of food.

Architecture that connects
the sea, sky, and gardens.

All the structures at Simose have been designed by architect Shigeru Ban—the collection of buildings facing the sea, as well as the world's first art museum with movable galleries. The ten villas overturn common notions about structure through the use of novel materials. In the resturant, few walls separate inside from outside, and kitchen from dining room. Wherever you find yourself, feel a refreshing connection to the sea, sky, and gardens.